Sunday, June 15, 2014

At the Cusp of Great Progress

Hello everyone,

I just committed a revision to the JSBML project, most likely the biggest since I began committing JUnit tests in early May. I:

  1. Added two more JUnit Tests to the Render Package
  2. Added UserMessages.xml in the examples/resource folder to the CellDesigner build.xml file
  3. Moved SwingWorker to its' own file
  4. AbstractCellDesignerPlugin now implements PropertyChangeListener
I did run into problems with the Ant Script in regards to adding UserMessages.xml to the CellDesigner build file. I will be asking my mentors about how to fix this issue.

I have also been developing schematics for my main project, the mapping of CellDesigner data structures to JSBML data structures. They are shown below in their (probably) final form.

1. SpeciesGlyph
 2. ReactionGlyph

3. CompartmentGlyph

Current To-Do List
  1. Suggest additions to user guide setting up JSBML development in Eclipse.  
  2. Fix UserMessages.xml problem.
  3. Begin to convert the CellDesigner plugin data structure to  JSBML data structure via a new class called convertModelLayoutPackage (or something analogous)

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