Saturday, May 17, 2014

Render Package Testing

Over the past week, I have been doing a few things. The main task was to develop JUnit test files for specific classes in the Render Extension package.

The Render Specification was perused and then these classes were tested:

1. ColorDefinition
2. Curve
3. Ellipse
4. LinearGradient
5. Polygon
6. Rectangle
7. Text

I encountered one problem in developing these tests. For some reason, I was getting NullPointerExceptions for the getcx, setcx, or issetcx methods of the Ellipse class, even though the other cy and cz methods were fine. It was inexplicable. So I initialized the cx variable in the Ellipse class to 0d and the methods then worked.

I need to get ready for the next joint meeting on May 28th at 5 PM UTC(12 PM CST). I am already making preliminary preparations.

I still need to read the CellDesigner Extension Tag Specification Document. I will most likely read this on Sunday the 18th.

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