Friday, May 9, 2014

On to Week 3!

GSoC has been going on for over 2 weeks, and the JSBML team and I have been getting to know one another through dozens of emails and a handful of Google Hangouts. Since this was my first time working with a highly established project such as JSBML, there was a definite learning curve associated with setting up the project in Eclipse, setting up SVN/Subclipse, and checking out the project using https:// rather than http://. Dr. Dräger and Alex were incredibly patient with me and my workspace is finally up to snuff.

Since my proposal focuses on the CellDesigner module and the Layout/Render extension packages, my first assignment was to test and analyze an example CellDesigner plugin to understand the interplay between JSBML and the CellDesigner program. That being completed, I then was asked to develop two JUnit test classes for the SpeciesReferenceGlyph and TextGlyph classes which tested all get(), set() and isSet() methods. Then, a frankly elegant method for running all JUnit tests was suggested by Dr. Dräger and Dr. Rodriguez which is seen below.

 package org.sbml.jsbml.ext.layout;  
 import org.junit.runner.RunWith;  
 import org.junit.runners.Suite;  
 import org.junit.runners.Suite.SuiteClasses;  
 @SuiteClasses(value={TextGlyphTest.class, SpeciesReferenceGlyphTest.class})  
 public class LayoutJUnitTests {  

When this class is inserted into the build script, it runs all JUnit tests which are inserted into the @SuiteClasses method.

My current assignment is to read both the Activity Flow Language specification and the Process Description Language specification on the SBGN website.

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