Friday, July 18, 2014

Aftermath of 17/7 Meeting

I presented the slideshow below to Professor Funahashi (Akira), the main developer of CellDesigner, and my mentors at 15:00 UTC on 17/7/2014.

The presentation was a success because Akira was able to provide me with inside information and clarity to my work with CellDesigner. I asked questions at the end of the presentation which I will share answers with now:

Reaction text is calculated dynamically and hopefully, the algorithm will be provided to the team so we can also calculate reaction text in an identical way in JSBML. 

PluginModel objects are not constant. As such, using PluginModels as a key in a Hashmap is impossible. Therefore, we need to remove our HashMap in AbstractCellDesignerPlugin and simply convert one model at a time.

I am pleased by the progress at this meeting and have high morale. I expect a lot of progress in the next few days. 

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